The Financially Savvy Tradwife

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2 min readJun 11, 2024

Social media isn’t nuanced and forgets how tired women are.

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Why is social media hung up about finances and dating? It seems to be a niche in the dating world at this point. I get so much more traction on posts I make about it, it’s ridiculous (be sure to check out my page @womenofcaliber on Instagram).

It seems like finances are so tricky in everyone’s mind, and I get why — the patriarchy never made it easy to understand it. Money is power and capital is leverage. Men having ownership of a woman because of capital is common. However, social media doesn’t dissect what’s the difference between a man who adds value in comparison to claiming ownership.

One thing that is however, is that women having the option of a man who provides emotionally, mentally, physically, and financially, while also flourishing in her business or working in some way — — seems to be a farfetched idea. That makes no sense, provider mentality on all fronts is literally the way to an equitable partnership.

Businesses take time to develop, passions take time to develop — would you do this in survival mode? I’m doing it right now and it’s not exactly as fun.

Tradwives are shitted on, simply because they can’t perform like a man. So what equality are talking about when the standard is to perform like men? That’s the…



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