I Found Out Medium’s Secret Pt. 6

Women Of Caliber
3 min readJun 18, 2024

It’s always about selling, and I’m annoyed.

Credit: Nick Morrison on Unsplash

I’m a person who likes to use energetics while also building a business. It’s how I know what to do, without hustling like everyone else.

I’ve been writing for a while on here and was facing a roadblock with my progress. After a hiatus, I continued this page after rebranding and developing my social media.

However, in the context of logistics, I don’t know why I’ve been put off by copywriting within titles, some parts of SEO, and especially the plethora of unclear articles about making XYZ money from blogging. Now I have to think about digital products (it’s fine, I like the idea of another source of revenue, but the effort and amount of time to find the right resources, is getting on my nerves).

Give me something with a passion for god sake.

I came across this author Carmellita, and her article on why she loves old-school blogging resonated with me at my core:

We’ve become so attuned to optimizing everything in the name of capitalism. I’ve been annoyed…



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